Bar stage shows generally load in at 8pm and start at 9pm. The doors on 6th Street and the door on Wabasha closest to 6th street can be used to load in. The opening act can load directly onto the stage, everyone else should put their gear on the other side of the wall, on the Hall side of the venue.

The stage has electrical outlets located behind the curtain at the back of the stage, and in recessed receptacles at the front corners of the stage. If the power supply you need to plug in is of the “wall wart” variety (i.e. a “1-Spot” pedal power supply), you will need to bring a power strip or extension cord with a straight power plug. Right-angled plugs and wall warts do not fit into the recessed receptacles.

This is a small stage in an intimate room. The main bar is only five feet from the stage. Use common sense and limit your stage volume to just what is necessary to hear yourself. Drummers especially should restrain themselves, as cymbals can be piercing and overpowering, especially when combined with vocal mics just a couple feet in front of the kit.

Each band member gets 4 tickets, which are good for select food items (ask the bar for a band menu), rail liquor, and any beer $5 or less.


Load in times for hall shows vary, as do show times. Doors generally open an hour before show time. Any acts who desire a full sound check before doors should make arrangements during the booking process for a load-in early enough to sound check everyone who wants a sound check.

Acts should load in through the door on Wabasha St farthest away from 6th St. It is locked to the outside most of the time, but can be opened from the inside. This door used to be an alarmed fire exit, but the alarm is now disconnected. No alarm will sound, despite a sign to the contrary.

To make for the most efficient changeovers, it is preferred that all acts set their equipment on stage during load in, with the last act’s equipment as far to the back of the stage as possible, the band before them in front, and so on. Any acts who are not present during this time vastly complicate this process, so for this reason, all acts should show up with their equipment at the designated load in time.

Drums and “dead” equipment and cases should be stored in the green room. A limited amount of equipment can be stored along the window side of the hallway, however, the hallway is a fire lane and a path three feet wide must be kept clear. Under no circumstances is the door to be blocked in any way.

There are outlets along the back wall, mounted on the ledge at the front of the stage, and recessed into the stage down front and center.

No staples, nails, or anything damaging to our walls may be used to hang posters or banners. The best way to hang a banner at the back of the stage is to use binder clips on the fabric of the back wall.

Food will be provided in the green room. Beer will be provided for 21+ shows, otherwise two drink tickets will be provided to band members over 21.

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