Mask Policy
Q: Do you have a mask requirement?
A: As of February 24, 2022, the City of St. Paul lifted its masking ordinance. Guests are encouraged to wear masks when not eating or drinking, in accordance with their comfort level.

Vaccination & Testing Policy
Q: What is Amsterdam Bar & Hall’s current COVID-19 policy for ticketed events?
A: Effective March 11, 2022, Amsterdam Bar & Hall no longer requires guests to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination, nor is proof of recent negative test results necessary unless requested by events/artists. Check individual Event listings for any such dates and all pertinent details.

In such cases where a vaccination/negative test requirement for attendees of ticketed shows will be in place, acceptable proof of the above constitutes:

  • Physical copies or photos of vaccination cards (demonstrating at least 14 days have elapsed since the final dose), accompanied by valid photo ID
  • Immunization record apps (Docket, Clear, Mayo Clinic, etc.), accompanied by valid photo ID
  • Negative PCR test results that are less than 72 hours old (from the likes of Vault, etc.) in the name of the ticket holder, accompanied by valid photo ID.

Q: Do at-home rapid tests count as acceptable proof for a 72-hour negative test?
A: No. Effective Jan 5, 2022 Amsterdam Bar & Hall has ceased to accept at-home/rapid tests as proof of a negative test result. Only results from PCR (saliva) tests will be accepted.

Q: Where can I get a free COVID-19 test or vaccine ahead of the show?
A: For free community testing sites in Minnesota, look here; or find vaccination options here.
For free community testing sites in Wisconsin, look here; or find vaccination options here.

Q: What about All Ages shows? How does my fully vaccinated/tested kid attend, given the photo ID requirements?
A: In the case of All Ages shows, we accept school IDs and are available to answer questions about individual circumstances, including other identifying documents that might suffice for minors stuck between a rock and a hard place. Email us at: info [at] amsterdambarandhall.com.

NOTE: Some events/artists may have more stringent requirements (e.x.: Not accept 72-hour negative tests). Check individual Event listings for details. These policies may change at any time, and when such instances arise, the venue will make every effort to promptly notify ticket holders of changes.


For all ticketing information, please see Amsterdam’s Ticketing page.

Age Restrictions
Q: What is the age restriction of your shows?
A: It varies on a show-by-show basis, and is typically determined by artist management. Find each show’s age restriction on its individual listing on Amsterdam’s Events page.

Q: If I do not meet the age restriction of the show, is there a way I can still attend?
A: Unfortunately, no. All folks attending the show will be required to provide an ID to confirm that they meet the age requirement. We do not allow escorts from parents or guardians to attend the show. These are the house rules and they apply to all shows, no matter who the promoter is.

Q: Will I need an ID to attend an event at the Amsterdam Bar & Hall?
A: Yes, you will need to present your Photo ID to attend all 16+, 18+, and 21+ events. Valid forms of ID include:

  • State-issued Driver’s Licenses
  • State-issued ID Cards (with photo)
  • State-issued Learner’s Permits
  • Canadian Driver’s Licenses
  • Tribal IDs
  • Military IDs
  • Passports

Q: What makes an ID “valid”?
A: “Valid” means it is any of the above forms of ID, was issued to you, and is neither expired, clipped, nor VOIDed.

Camera Policy
Q: What is Amsterdam Bar & Hall’s camera policy?
A: Small point-and-shoots and cell phone cameras are allowed. Flash photography is strictly prohibited. All professional cameras must be pre-approved by artist management.

NOTE: This is subject to change based on artist or management request/discretion. For information on the camera policy of specific shows, please contact info [at] amsterdambarandhall.com

Q: Are your shows seated?
A: Our shows are primarily standing room only. Though the venue does have some built-in seating throughout the room, it may not always be available to show-goers. When the built-in seating is available during a show, it will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

Q: How will I know if a show is seated?
A: If a show is seated, it should be noted on the individual event listing on our Events page. Seated shows are still sold as general admission and are not assigned or reserved for specific patrons or parties. Seating is available on a first come, first serve basis and cannot be reserved ahead of time.

Q: Where can I park?
A: There are many parking options located within a block of Amsterdam Bar & Hall: Lawson Ramp, Victory Ramp, Impark Lot, Treasure Island Ramp, and street parking.


Q: Where is your main entrance?
A: We have two entrances! The easiest door to spot is located on Wabasha. We also have an entrance on 6th Street that is fully ADA accessible; for the latter, look for a pair of red doors tucked inside a vestibule. In certain show-related circumstances, signage may direct guests to use one entrance over another.

Q: What if I have a medical condition/special circumstance that requires accommodation?
A: Amsterdam Bar & Hall is an accessible venue. There is a motorized door and ramp leading directly into the venue located at our 6th Street entrance. For specific accommodations at shows, please contact us via: info [at] amsterdambarandhall.com.


Coat Check
Q: Do you have a coat check?
A: Our coat check is open on a show-by-show basis. For specific show information, please email info [at] amsterdambarandhall.com.

Food & Beverage Options
Q: Can I have dinner at the venue prior to – or while attending – a show there?
A: Absolutely! Amsterdam Bar & Hall offers a variety of scratch-made, Dutch-influenced items for guests to enjoy, as well as a full bar featuring a roster of imported taps and the metro’s largest selection of gin. Peruse Amsterdam’s 2022 Food and Beverage Menus here.

Prohibited Items
No question about it: Amsterdam Bar & Hall prohibits carrying weapons in our establishment.



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