Whosah, John Chuck & The Class, Cedar, Boy on a Bike

Thursday, May 12

7:30PM Doors ✖ Hall ✖ $7  ADV / $10 DOS ✖ 18+




” ‘Work’ finds its home in a balance between the toils of labor and the field of dreams. Sometimes the drive to find success leads us to miss how good life is right now, and other times our fear of the unknown leads us to miss out on how good life could be.

Every note, every rhythm, every word in this record was brought with that balance in mind. The project digs into the muddied, murky parts of everyday life and asks, what am I missing here? What am I missing that I should be thankful for? What am I missing that I should be longing for?

“We hope that our journey through those questions inspires our listeners to ask those same of themselves. Our dream is that they’ll find the same joy we’ve found in savoring that process of discovery ourselves. ” -Spencer- Frontman, Keys, Songwriter”

John Chuck & The Class

Rapper JC “John Chuck” Stroebel and producer Henry “The Class” Donato have been making music together since childhood. Growing up in the north suburbs of Minneapolis, they’ve modeled their talents and ambitions after the vibrant musical culture around them. Their latest project, John Chuck & The Class, aims to bring fresh new sound and perspective to the already thriving hip-hop scene.

“Cedar (formerly Cedar Avenue) has jettisoned their pop songwriting roots, lit them on fire, and thrown them into a back yard Minnesotan snow drift.
Their earliest endeavors aimed to fit an industry formula. It was chock-full of deep production to match the biggest names in top 40. Although largely successful, with major placements on ABC and sold out shows with many national touring acts, they decided they should be writing music for themselves instead of a blog editor or phantom music executive, so they ditched the pop equation for something a bit more primal, and the result is Human/Nature.”

Boy on a Bike

Music is an amazing concept/language/movement and we want in. We want to make you dance, laugh, cry, high five, hug, smile, sing, party, feel positive, feel good, feel anything. We’re a little bit pop and a little bit rock, but forget genres and sing along with us.