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Tuesday, October 20

8PM ✖ Bar ✖ Free ✖ 21+

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Twin Cities band Ranger Ranger cringes a bit as they call themselves an indie- pop rock band. Why? Because genre-labeling is always tricky, and especially for a band with such a range of songs. Nonetheless, there is a thread common to all of these songs: each feels grounded in some particular emotion or a place of nostalgia, and you can feel that upon listening.

The 5 piece band starts with traditional instrumentation: drums, bass, 2 guitars and lead vocals. Laced between those are backing vocals (one being female), a variety of keyboard timbres, rhythm percussion, and glock-like bells. Ranger Ranger aims not to create something entirely new; instead, they attempt to locate something uniquely familiar.

In the words of others:

Dustin from Toronto: “Layers and angles. Words mirror life. At home with emotions. Minnesota warmth. “C’mon…Here we go!” ”

Alek from Minneapolis: “Somewhere in the bottom of your drawer is an old t- shirt, and just touching it helps you remember ancient smiles, foolish romances, innocent stumbles, small victories, and other moments you did not even know you remembered… This music feels like that.”

Sumanth from New Orleans: “Intelligent indie-pop with songs that often have long, building arcs; in one case (my favorite song) the effect is unexpectedly sci- fi and television-like.”

And one gal from St. Paul chuckles, “Indie-pop rocks for your ears, not your mouth!”