Wavy Maze, Nethan

Thursday, June 30

9PM ✖ Bar ✖ Free ✖ 21+

Fireplace Nethan


“Indie Rock – Minneapolis band enjoying their first official EP. Four white twenty-some year old males: One of them is a bad person, two of them are nihilists, two of them are alcoholics and all of them make it look good.

Fans categorize the music somewhere near the Black Keys or The Cold War Kids but Nethan puts its own special sauce on the music to give it that very special taste

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Wavy Maze is a Minneapolis-based rock and roll four piece that came together in the summer of 2014. All four members were long time musicians and collaborators for many years leading up to their formation. Drawing from their eclectic musical inspirations and backgrounds, they strive to create original sounds that infuse influences from hip-hop to dance music to psychedelic rock to good old fashioned rock and roll. Their debut, self-titled EP is available now at� https://wavymaze.bandcamp.com/