Trivia Mafia’s Brunch Trivia

Sunday, May 13

12PM ✖ Bar ✖ Free


Trivia Mafia, the leaders in brainy bar antics in Minnesota have brought their awesome brand of trivia to places as far flung as Duluth, Milwaukee and Excelsior! They are breaking into the final frontier at the end of this month. The crew is bringing trivia to brunch. The game has been changed folks, no more reading through your Instagram while sipping your Bloody Mary waiting for your hashbrowns. We will be reading you questions, hard questions. And you’re going to love it. That’s just how it goes. The event will start on November 30, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, recognized by many as the “honey I can’t eat anymore turkey let’s go play brunch trivia” holiday.

If you do come on down to play Trivia Mafia, there are a couple things you should know:

  • There’s no cost to play. It’s totally free!
  • Our trivia events are designed for teams of 1-8 people, so gather a crew of your brainiest friends and win some great prizes
  • Trivia until 2pm!
  • Prizes include gift cards, goodies from local businesses, and more