Theyself Monthly: theyself, Nick Costa, Mae Simpson

Tuesday, May 1

9PM ✖ Bar ✖ Free ✖ 21+

Mae Simpson is a singer/songwriter born In Beaufort South Carolina. From a very early age she would find herself singing songs she never heard, because they were her’s. Through the years she found love in the music she writes. Passion, soul, and a rawness of real emotions showing through. Today she works with an array of talented musicians in the Twin Cities hoping to bring back some soul and female power.

Mae Simpson: Vocals/songwriter
Jorgen Wadkins: Guitar
Ricardo J. Romero: Percussionist
Keaton Judy: Saxophone
Paul Pederson: Trumpet
David Clark: Drums

Nick Costa is a prolific multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from Saint Paul, MN involved with many groups in the Twin Cities area such as The Person & The People, Me As A Pilot, The 4onthefloor, Dan Mariska & The Boys Choir, and many more. Since 2010, he has written and released 5 full length albums and 3 EPs, with plans to release two full lengths in 2016.

Theyself is music from the North country. Stompin’ beats woven with indie pop hooks and soulful blues.
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