The Post-Explosions Post-Rock Show w/ The Great Went and Falcon Arrow

Saturday, October 19

11PM ✖ Bar ✖ Free ✖ 21+

Enjoy the music of Twin Cities instrumental bands Falcon Arrow and The Great Went as they follow what is sure to be an incredible performance by Explosions in the Sky at the nearby theater.

This show is FREE
Order of bands: The Great Went –> Falcon Arrow

–Falcon Arrow–
Falcon Arrow is a two-piece instrumental band that crafts a dense, driving and dramatic sound with a bass guitar and drums. They achieve their sound utilizing octave effects and loops with strong, precise and often intricate rhythms. This experienced duo has performed over 200 times since 2008 with multiple tours and produced four full-length albums and four EPs. They’re often compared to bands like Battles and Don Caballero. Truly a sight and sound to behold!

–The Great Went–
Performing instrumental music at over 150 shows in the Twin Cities since 2009, The Great Went have developed a driven sound with guitar/bass/drums instrumentation hinging on delay effects and loops. Their self-proclaimed art-rock genre mixes post-rock, prog, punk, math rock, and indie. Although always performing close to home, they’ve graced the stage with national touring bands The Life and Times, The Bronzed Chorus, Traindodge, Bear Claw, The Mercury Tree, and Set and Setting. They’ve received positive reviews for their self-titled (2013) album and latest venture youneedityougotit (2016). They’ll be recording and releasing a new album in early 2020.