River Rock Music Group Presents The First Musical Extravaganza: Goin’ Steady, Eric Mayson, Sonic Intension, Homeless & Big Cats, Upstanding Hoodrat, Grolar Bears

Friday, October 9

7PM Doors ✖ Hall ✖ $8 ADV / $10 DOS ✖ 21+

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The First Musical Extravaganza: Goin' Steady, Eric Mayson, Sonic Intension, Homeless & Big Cats, Upstanding Hoodrat, Grolar Bears

Eric Mayson

Having worked with Caroline Smith, Lizzo, Ashley Gold and Sexy Delicious, Crunchy Kids and Toki Wright and Big Cats, Eric Mayson has performed and recorded with some of the most important artists on the Minneapolis music scene. “Detail”, his first solo effort, is a collage of sonic influences from his many collaborations. Mayson’s multi-instrumental skills bring diverse and organic elements to his sound, with hip-hop rhythm, moody electronics, deep bass and drums, and harmonically complex, layered vocals. Mayson’s music defies genre, gliding seamlessly between hip-hop, indie rock, pop, and neo-soul, giving rise to high-energy live shows featuring a number of dancers and singers from the Minneapolis dance and arts scene.

Sonic Intension

Homeless & Big Cats

Homeless (Ryan Kopperud) is a poet, writer, and rapper born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, whose work is equal parts complex and effortless, ranging from topics of love, loss, depression, struggle, and celebration. Big Cats (Spencer Wirth-Davis) is a composer, musician and producer also hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, making instrumental hip hop that draws from a wide range of musical influences including classical, hip hop and jazz. His work is melancholy, multi-layered and cinematic; a definite stylistic departure from the standard hip hop sound.

Upstanding Hoodrat

With the instrumentation of a jazz combo and the spirit of a punk rock band, Upstanding Hoodrat has an eclectic style that combines jazz, funk, reggae, livetronica, and hip hop into something completely their own. Already building a reputation for their live performances, Upstanding Hoodrat released their debut EP “Pass The Rope Along” in February 2015.

Grolar Bears

Grolar Bears is a symphonic funk band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. “Cos: The Original Motion Picture Score”, their debut album, pays tribute to the scores of early 70s Blaxploitation movies and was released on vinyl. We’re heating up the Twin Cities’ dance floors in 2015.