The 3P Release Party featuring Glo Pesci / GOB / Kaleem the Dream

Saturday, June 4

9PM Doors ✖ Hall ✖ $7 ✖ 18+

SupaPesh Trouble

Glo Pesci is a Hip-Hop artist from St. Paul, MN. This MC is determined to make music that moves, inspires and compels the listener to be the best they can be, overcome life’s many challenges and remember to always have a good time while doing it!

As a member of the Abstract Pack, Glo Pesci was apart of laying the foundation for what the Twin Cities’ rap scene has become. And now embarking on his first solo project, “SuperMan Music”, he hopes to provide old and new fans alike a spark through the music that pushes them to rise above the odds and realize their full potential while giving them that ‘boom-bap’ that they can bump in the ride, party, at the gym in the ipod and on and on. “Wanna get fly wit’ me?? You gotta stay in the sky wit’ me!!” Glo Pesci aka Super Pesh is on his way!! Flight….>>>>>

Kaleem the Dream
Kaleem the Dream – Good Writtens EP

Kaleem has made quite a name for himself with his high energy performances, top notch skills, and desire to be one of the best!! Kaleem’s commitment to approaching his music as art is making him stand out from a lot of the young artists here in MN!


Guardians of Balance – GOB EP

The rap group G.O.B. was formed when two young men with superior mic ability noticed each others talents in a studio production class in high school. Meyer St. Paul Slim Warren and Nick M-13 Muhammad of St. Paul Minnesota, decided to take their solo talents and form a duo. In 1996 the two started doing shows and recording under the name DA C.U.T.   In the year 2000 the two decided to change the name from DA C.U.T. to the GUARDIANS OF BALANCE (G.O.B.). With a new name, a more mature sound and a different attitude toward goal seeking and decided to finish what they started in 96.  With their intelligently profound flow, explosive delivery and well-rounded diverse musical production, the two have indeed raised and will continue to raise the stakes for all existing and up-and-coming lyricists in the industry.