Rhythmically Speaking presents… RadioBody: Radiohead Danced and Played in Jazz SATURDAY MATINEE

Saturday, February 11

1:30PM Doors ✖ Hall ✖ $20.00 ADV / $24.00 DOS ✖ All Ages

“PAY AS YOU ARE” Pricing: This performance will be “Pay As You Are,” which allows attendees to set their own price of attendance. We ask folks to consider the set ticket price of $20.00-24.00 – if an audience member needs to pay less than $24.00, they can pay less. Those who can pay that set price or more are welcomed and encouraged to do so, and their generosity will help cover the cost of someone else’s ticket. As “Pay As You Are” pricing is only accessible at the door that day (cash only), an amount of tickets for this show will be set aside for this purpose, to help ensure availability for those who pursue this option.

RadioBody is a collaboration with local composer and fellow Radiohead lover Mike Lauer exploring the jazz sensibilities found in the band’s work: thanks to their rich, multilayered rhythms, unique harmonies and long-form jams, their songs are often covered by jazz composers and are conducive to jazz styling. Together, Lauer and Liebhard selected one song from each major Radiohead album for the show, for which Lauer has created original compositions that will be played live during the show by a jazz quartet he’ll lead. Dance, jazz and Radiohead fans alike, we hope you’ll join us!