89.3 The Current Public Music Meeting and Karaoke with Doomtree

Thursday, January 22

See below for times ✖ Bar ✖ Free with RSVP ✖ AA


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3 p.m. Happy Hour
5 p.m. Public Music Meeting
6 p.m. Karaoke with Doomtree

Learn what it takes to program a radio station. Give us your real, no-holds-barred opinions on new music we are considering for airplay. No, seriously. You vote and give us your feedback in front of the people who make decisions about the music you hear on air every day. Special music guests and hosts from the station will offer up their two cents as well.

Stick around to join in on karaoke with Doomtree. That’s right, you might get to duet with Dessa drop a verse with P.O.S. Plus P.O.S.’ Mom is running the show, so that’s sweet. Come early, stay late, or choose your own adventure.