Policy and a Pint – One Byte at a Time

Wednesday, February 10

5:30PM Doors ✖ Hall ✖ $10 GA

When we think of community, we usually think of the physical space: a city, a neighborhood and the people who make up that space, which create unique enclaves like Frogtown or Lake Street. In addition to these physical spaces, people are connecting across an ever-growing virtual space. More and more, Minnesotans are harnessing technology to create community and address problems in new ways. Not just posting to social media, but creating better public services and addressing community needs. Technology provides tremendous opportunities, but it also has limitations.

At our next Policy and a Pint®, host Steve Seel (MPR’s 89.3 The Current) will talk with panelists Bill Bushey of Open Twin Cities, Kelly Clausen of Hennepin County, and Terri Thao of Nexus Community Partners on where these lines are in a new “tech-twist” on community engagement. One Byte at a Time: Using Technology to Solve Community Problems, our next Policy and a Pint, Wednesday February 10th, at the Amsterdam Bar.