Multi-Cultural Music Monday

Monday, November 28

8PM ✖ Bar ✖ Free ✖ 21+

Multi-Cultural Music Monday will be on November 28th NO COVER-21+
It will feature the following musical acts,in addition to colaborative open jam.
OPLIAM-a young up and coming American Indian activist who plays the guitar and makes radical Native hip hop music. He travels and plays acoustic folk sets at music festivals, in addition to working with non-profit organizations to fight for protection of the Great Lakes. His music has bits of sadness and struggle, mixed with inspirational uplifting songs of change. The story told is one of a young warrior growing up and learning the difference between things worth fighting for, while maintaining an innocent child like spirit. Music @ OPLIAMMUSIC.COM

Angie Citlali -Starting at a young age, Angie Citlali has always been very passionate about music. During her summer trips to Mexico, she was largely influenced by her talented grandfather and her Chicana culture; one of the many elements that have come to define her unique artistry.As she combined all of her musical talents and experience, she discovered a new passion: songwriting and instrumental composition. Her original music style can be described as latin, indie, lyric-driven, and empowering. Each song she writes always has a message, many times highlighting a political or social issue.

Vladimir Garrido Biagetti of Alma Andina – Vlad is a chillean born multi-Instumentalist,and wizard at looping a mixture of contemporary instruments as well as native South American instruments,including pan flutes. He is the long time front man for the Band Alma Andina ,and will be performing with a small band.His music is very deliteful mixture of latin dance and activism lyrics.

Max Altmark aka ( Optimystic ) Of the mighty Lifted Mindz crew will be holding down the good vibes.Originally born in St.petersburg Russia he brings fresh cultural perspective everytime he grabs the mic. “More than a band, Lifted Mindz is a community, and one that continues to grow as its sound and positive message resonate throughout the Twin Cities and beyond across the world. For such a young group, their achievements are exceptionally impressive; Lifted Mindz has already played at a number of notable venues and festivals, opening up for national touring acts, and earning the respect of many of the legends in the midwest. They have organized and facilitated a string of live shows and events, organized multiple mixtape series’ and work as artist educators on a regular basis. Although they all started from humble beginnings, their popularity continues to grow as what began with a set of acoustic guitars and home recording equipment has rapidly become a community of professional young musicians frequently releasing new music and playing shows and festivals across the country.”