Mobb Deep w/ Muja Messiah & Slipmats Radio DJs

Tuesday, April 5

7PM Doors ✖ Hall ✖ $20 ADV / $25 DOOR ✖ 21+


Mobb Deep

One of the most prolific and original groups in hip hop, the infamous Mobb Deep are still a very active force in today’s music industry with twenty years of experience. The group has appeared on records that have sold over 40 million copies. Aiming from the Queensbridge neighborhood of NYC, the duo has been responsible for delivering some of the most popular and forever current anthems in rap music. . Tracks like “Survival Of The Fittest'” “Shook Ones Part II” and “Quiet Storm RMX” have remained significant and still move crowds from NY to Tokyo. Mobb Deep’s ability to perfectly describe their gritty surroundings and lifestyle always made them a first choice for music writers and critics across the board. Mobb Deep have graduated to the role of cult group; today, they are followed by a new wave of cutting edge music listeners, as well as their original core foundation of hip hop aficionados.

The New York Times boasted: “No rap group — maybe no act in any genre — has gotten more mileage from straight talk than Mobb Deep.”

Muja Messiah

“For those unfamiliar, Muja made a name for himself in the early 2000s with a string of show-stealing guest verses, before his solo LPs—like last year’s God Kissed It, the Devil Missed It—solidified him as the Cities’ sneering id. (He’s also written verses for several of your favorite yacht-owning rappers.) I Self Devine’s legacy stretches back even further: together with DJ Kool Akiem as the Micranots, he was one of the first genuine Minneapolis stars, to the point where his nod helped solidify Rhymesayers in its infancy.” –Pitchfork

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