MNtality – Part One [2008-2009] CD Release Show

Saturday, April 25

9PM Doors ✖ Hall ✖ $7 ✖ 18+

Purchase your tickets in advance!

From: MDUBJ To: MNtality - Part One [2008-2009] CD Release Show


One of these days, it will all come together and make sense.

Turn Back Now

“We are the narrators, The Greek Chorus of the Apocalypse of Free America. We travel up and down the Mississippi in search of news from the rebels on the front lines and stories from our heroes in the field. Then we bring those stories to y’all, cause we’re all in this apocalypse together.”

Radio Ahlee

Radio Ahlee is an emcee and dancer from Southside Minneapolis who is actively pursuing his dreams in music. At the age of 9, Ahlee frequented a Hip-Hop dojo called “The Peace Palace”. From there he met teachers who taught him the culture of Hip-Hop; since that day he has not stopped living the 5 elements. Radio Ahlee is making big moves in the Twin Cities with dance/movement and rap – be ready to see his name more and more. Peace, Love and Unity, this is Radio Ahlee.


CCWD is four obnoxious, ridiculous, and sexy ladies who play instruments… together.

CCWD enjoys drinking whiskey, watching horrible movies, creating music, crashing parties, role-playing, emitting horrible noises, telling shitty jokes, and just behaving poorly in public in general. In the summer of 2014, all of the remaining members of Angry Bukowski were still itching to make music, and could still hear the stage calling them. They knew their mission was not yet over. They all mutually had an idea- “Why don’t we get our friend Anna to play bass?” and from there, CCWD (Christopher Columbus, White Devil) was born.

DJ Jam E-Z

DJ Jam E-Z is a vinyl junkie originally from San Francisco. With eclectic tastes, his musical selection crosses genre, springing from a solid 70′s Soul foundation and branching out to anywhere sound might travel.
Technically, Jamez (“Jah-MEZ”) is a record player. He plays records. Jamez is not an electronic dance music musician. Jamez is not a musician at all, despite his aspirations to be so. He plays records