Little Man, Pasadena ’68, Dakota Shakedown, Hart Lake Mystery

Friday, September 11

Chris Perricelli began playing guitar at age 13 in Hamilton, Massachusetts. His first band in high school was called The One Eyed Kurtz. They were highly respected for their originals. Chris played many solo electric shows at school and in town as well as with the band at talent shows. At age 17, Chris found a paying job during his junior and senior year as he joined a classic rock cover band as lead guitarist with guys almost twice his age. The Curtis Haines Band played many night clubs on Massachusetts north shore area earning Chris a high standing amongst friends and live music goers. Chris becomes known as “The Kid“.
Leaving home, Chris moved to Chicago and attends college at DePaul University with help of a music scholarship. He was a Sound Recording Tech. major at the school of music. It is here that Perricelli forms Little Man. “About a Painting” becomes the self-released debut EP recorded by Phil Bonnet in 1998. After this release came “Core of Discovery” in 2000. A full length album recorded by classmate Ed Tinley with Dave Cottini on drums and Derek Brovold on bass. The following year Cottini joined the Universal signed Ike Reilly Assassination and Chris joined them as a guitar technician on their national tours. By 2002 work was slow and Chris felt the need for a big change.
He ended work with Ike, moved to the Twin Cities and formed a new Little Man with Ken DeVoe on drums and Heath Henjum on bass. This new trio produced “Big Rock” in 2004. A self-released full length album recorded by Rich Mattson. The band now begins to build a bigger reputation by playing more local shows and by touring the mid-west.
In 2006 Ben Foote joined on bass and Ryan Otte on drums adding more charismatic performances to Little Man’s shows while 2007 brought Little Man more into the forefront of the Twin Cities music scene with “Soulful Automatic”. Perricelli worked with four different producers to realize this colorful classic sounding rock album that the media placed high on their best albums of the year lists. The City Pages did a cover story and named Little Man Best Rock Band 2007.
Perricelli continued to make the band shine with the 2009 release “Of Mind And Matter.” Pulling from his Kinks, Zeppelin, Bowie and T. Rex influences, this album is lush with layered vocals and strings to create an experience of fantasy and wonder. Produced by Ed Tinley (Ike Reilly, Liz Phair) he helped Chris realize this project while recording in an old hunting lodge just outside Chicago.
2011 brings Chris back to Chicago to record the “Orbital Amusement” EP with long time producer Ed Tinley. An astral modern rock album with help from z.vex effects with new sounds and a new direction. Drummer Sean Gilchrist and bass player Brian Herb form the new sounds of Little Man.
2014 has Little Man releasing the full length album called “Original Face”. While expanding on the ideas of the previous release yet keeping their strong influences on their sleeve with the same member line-up, the new album explores Self-realization and human emotion with zen-like precision. The Little Man live rock show is not to be missed. Exuding with passion and that rock star quality that really pulls you into a performance, Perricelli keeps growing leaps and bounds.

Pasadena ’68

Pasadena ’68 consists of four songwriters that have all fronted their own bands. The members have shared the stage with Dogstar (featuring Keanu Reeves), Jackson Browne, Tommy Stinson (the Replacements/Guns n’ Roses/Soul Asylum), Golden Smog (Soul Asylum/the Jayhawks/Run Westy Run), Tommy Keene, Slim Dunlap (the Replacements), Dan Wilson (Adele/Semisonic), Dave Pirner (Soul Asylum) and 2 Live Crew. They have also shared the stage with members of the Hold Steady, Lifter Puller, Motion City Soundtrack, Tapes n’ Tapes and Solid Gold. They have played stages across the country including such famous clubs as First Avenue and the Viper Room.

Dakota Shakedown

“Melodic, hook driven guitar pop rock with power and catchy simplicity that you can’t help but to sing along with. Singer/Songwriter Mike Hjelden has enjoyed much success with his songs being used in the 2006 Super Bowl as halftime highlight music, as well as numerous plays on MTV.

Hart Lake Mystery

“…neatly crafted powerpop that knows enthusiasm and good tunes will always defeat pretentiousness and perfectionism. Think Big Star, think Teenage Fanclub, think Guided By Voices.” – The Sound Of Confusion