Leo presents… Little Miss Nasty, Gina and The Eastern Block

Wednesday, August 8

7PM ✖ Hall ✖ $15 adv/$20 dos ✖ 21+

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The Drop Dead Foxes of Rock & Roll “Little Miss Nasty” have been taking the nation by storm!
These feisty Sex Kittens have been busy leaving their mark on stages across the entire country along with continuously Sold Out shows at ongoing West Coast Residencies in several cities.

Nothing can stop these Badass Babes on a mission. LMN is without a doubt the Hottest New Sexy Female Empowerment Brand Out there.
Little Miss Nasty’s live show is what everyone is talking about. Interactive, immersive and in your face. Irresistible beauty combined with LA’s top-notch talent and a music playlist to die for. With surprises around every corner, LMN shows are sure to leave audience’s jaws on the ground.
A little bit Rock & Roll, a little bit Burlesque, a lot of High Energy Dance and Nasty Performance Art. Little Miss Nasty completely takes over any room, any stage and gives you that feeling that you are actually at the Biggest Rock Concert of your life. Nothing is predictable. Nothing is ordinary. This is definitely not your Grandma’s burlesque show.

Little Miss Nasty’s mission is to empower both women and men, to break down stereotypical walls, and most importantly to entertain and leave audiences with a night to remember. These women are no amateurs in the entertainment scene. These women are Super Star Dancers.
Sex, Dance, and Rock & Roll.

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Gina And The Eastern Block (Pronounced “ART MAKERS AND LABEL BREAKERS”) is an American Alternative Rock/Electronic band formed in Los Angeles in 2012. The band was formed by record producer Marc Jordan (Slash, The Mowglis, The Cult, Bleached) and uniquely talented and blazingly sexy vocalist Gina Katon. Gina has been said to be the “perfect combination of Iggy Pop and Marilyn Monroe.” The lineup also includes former Marilyn Manson bass player Fred Sablan. Gina And The Eastern Block’s modus operandi is based pretty much on the single concept of not giving a flying fuck about fitting into any preconceived molds and all the while providing a live show that leaves permanent memories. The band has happily turned down several recording deals.

Gina And The Eastern Block released their debut single, “Sippin’ On A Forty” in 2016 and attracted significant attention for the over the top salaciousness and sexiness of the accompanying music video for the song. The song pays homage to boredom, day drinking, and lipstick lesbian sex. The band released the raucous and nasty rocker “Get Gone” in late 2016. “Get Gone” has received significant airplay on BBCRadio1 probably because it is the perfect “go fuck yourself” anthem and the British understand straightforwardness, irony and great music.

Gina And The Eastern Block teamed up with up and coming underground music producer “The Snowy White Owl” in 2017 to collaborate on the song “Money (Yummy Like Honey)”. The song showcases the electronic/dance side to the band.