Graveslave “No Center Tour 2022” Kickoff w. Solshade, Desolate Entity

Thursday, May 19

6PM Doors ✖ Hall ✖ $8.00 ADV/ $10.00 DOOR ✖ 18+

 Graveslave "No Center Tour 2022" Kickoff image

Graveslave is a seasoned touring band, having accomplished a major 2018 EU tour w/ Origin, Rings of Saturn, and Hideous Divinity, as well as several U.S. tours, sharing the stage with acts such as Abigail Williams, Micawber, and Unearth, to name a few. The band has spent the majority of 2021 promoting their new LP, No Center, which has been featured in Decibel Magazine, New Noise Magazine, GhostCult Mag, and more. 2022 will see the band bring the album to the stage.