Techno Tuesday

Tuesday, June 25

10PM ✖ Hall ✖ $10 ✖ 18+

The dust has now settled from May’s Techno Tuesday and we are getting ready to stir it all right back up again in June with DJ Devil Girl and Ross Mt. Park!

Devil Girl – Devil Cake Techno & Android Assassins – A staple of the 90’s Midwest rave scene, Devil Girl is known for her take-no-prisoners techno sets and her show, Devil Cake Techno, on Fnoob

Devil Girl spent the 1990’s playing techno in empty warehouses, derelict roller rinks, abandoned strip malls and seedy disco dens all over the Midwest, south, east coast, and Canada. After a lengthy and ultimately futile flirtation with respectability, the lure of the kick drum grew far too great to ignore.

Ross Mt. Park – The Seed & Denied Music – Techno and experimental producer residing in Wisconsin,USA.

DJ EncounterTwin Cities Techno / Techno Tuesday Host

Lighting & Visuals: Endif

Techno Tuesday at Amsterdam Bar & Hall is inspired by a recent layover in Amsterdam. Last year we were traveling abroad and got stuck with an 11 hour layover on a Tuesday night in Amsterdam. After deciding to leave the terminal and visit a coffee shop or two, we found ourselves at a venue called Melkwig for a weekly after hours techno event called Techno Tuesday. The lights were low, the music was loud, and there were spectacular visual effects. Melkwig brings some of the finest artists and musicians from around the world. Although we are not going to be booking artists from across the world, but we will be bringing you the best of the Twin Cities and surrounding areas Techno DJ’s and we are bringing them to you at a cool venue (hence the name)!

We have curated a small team of talented individuals to assist with creating not only spectacular quality sound, but also stunning visuals to compliment the music and amplify the experience. We hope to see you on the dance floor!