Fox & Coyote EP Release w/ Al Church and Pill Hill

Saturday, May 30

8PM Doors ✖ Hall ✖ $7 ✖ 18+

Fox & Coyote is a Minneapolis indie folk band made up of four semi-awkward and semi-goofy people whose lives, like most people, are pulled in so many directions. One of those pulls is Fox & Coyote – because we love creating with each other, and because we love each other. We’re also pulled by romances, our jobs (which some of us like, and some of us don’t), friends who live far away, families that live pretty close, and a bunch of other things like whether we should brush our teeth in the morning. These are the things that we write music about. We like making dinner together and communicating over dinner with pregnant pauses, meaningful looks, weird jokes, crude hand gestures, and sometimes by talking.