First Avenue presents…Knox with maryjo

Monday, April 8

6:30PM Doors ✖ Hall ✖ $15 ✖ All Ages

Growing up, Knox knew he had an interest in music more than the average kid. His teenage years were sound tracked by artists such as Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, All-American Rejects, and Ed Sheeran. The summer before he started at Ohio University, Knox picked up a guitar and taught himself in a few months, through YouTube videos. Knox began playing open mic nights and by his sophomore year, his musical ambitions were so all-consuming that he dropped out of school, moved in with his grandma and
saved up money to move to Nashville. He made the leap in January 2019.

Knox used Covid isolation to work on his craft. The focus paid off: his songs caught the attention of John Harvie, who placed a few on his album. Knox signed a publishing deal in 2022 but was struck with the urge to record some songs he had been working on. The result was How to Lose a Girl in 7 Songs, Knox’s debut EP, released February 2023. With his own songs ready, he now looked to build a fanbase. Knox filmed TikToks featuring his song “Sneakers”, and 1 amassed nearly 2M views overnight. “Sneakers” now has
over 28M streams. Other fan favorite tracks “Love Letter” (over 6M streams) and “Not The 1975” (over 6M streams) are featured on Knox’s latest EP, “I’m So Good At Being Alone?” released October 2023.

Knox has since began touring, opening for the Band Camino, Nightly, and Boys Like Girls. “I’m 6 states away from home and there’s a thousand people in the audience that are singing the song that I wrote with
my friends in my bedroom. And that’s when it gets you, when you see people connecting to something that I made with my best friends. It’s the most unreal feeling in the world.”