ExSPELLiarmus: The Harry Potter Drinkin’ Spelling Bee

Saturday, February 4

6PM Doors ✖ Hall ✖ Speller slots SOLD OUT / $6 to watch ✖ 21+



Holy Horcrux, Harry Potter fans! Trivia Mafia is brewing up an event for wizards, squibs and muggles alike!

Join us on February 4 at the Amsterdam Bar & Hall for the second annual ExSPELLiarmus: The Harry Potter Drinkin’ Spelling Bee!

That’s right — it’s a spelling bee that exclusively features words from the wizarding world!

It costs $15 to play; $6 to watch. And you get a free pint of Butterbeer for registering! And every word you spell correctly will earn you a shot of Polyjuice Potion!


Registration starts at 6:00pm, and the magic begins at 7pm!

Prizes include items from Source Comics, Magers & Quinn, Amsterdam Bar & Hall and more.