Eustace the Dragon, Madi Smith (North Dakota), & Brianna Kocka

Sunday, November 13

8PM ✖ Bar ✖ Free ✖ 21+


Eustace the Dragon is a trio of friends and harmony makers, based out of St Paul.
Set up with a couple of acoustic guitars, a lovely old pump organ, and a bright little xylophone, this band prefers to close their eyes and pretend you are sitting next to them by the campfire, spinning sad tales and singing high hopes.
Madi Smith is a Canadian folk singer-songwriter living in North Dakota. Her drive is to share her own human experience authentically in her music. Many people report experiencing “feelings” when partaking in Madi’s live performances. Her first two EPs are available for free streaming or paid download on bandcamp, with a third full length album to be released in the next few months.
Brianna Kocha is a singer-songwriter from Minneapolis, MN. She has been part of various musical acts throughout the Twin Cities—most notably Sun Gods to Gamma Rays and CAETANI.

After five years away from the acoustic guitar, and while living on an island off the east coast for ten months, she tapped into her roots and wrote her first Americana album as a form of therapy to deal with the isolation of island living.

Brianna is in the studio recording, with hopes to release these songs in the summer of 2017.