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Tuesday, May 5

Danger Ronnie & The Spins

Danger Ronnie & The Spins

“With their own members doing a large part of the recording and engineering of this album, they achieve a very precise sound that is easily digestible for almost any music pallet and intricate enough to keep you coming back long after the initial listen. Keep your eyes and ears on Danger Ron in the future because it’s bright and full of new experiences that will continue to mold them into a unique group of friends who are passionate about their craft make the most out of a life that isn’t always easy to figure out.
With the addition of Adam Paulus, their songwriting and vocals have taken another step in the right direction without disrupting their infectious energy which has been a trademark that has set them apart during the past couple of years.” – j. roalson New album ‘Carpet’ out now on Luck Machine.

Stereo Confession

“I first came across Stereo Confession at last year’s Mid West Music Fest, and the young group who impressed me then have only grown in talent and confidence since. They just released a rowdy new single called “Video Games,” and the accompanying video (shot by Alex Gene, Harrison Barber, and Max Timander) captures the guys enjoying themselves around the city during the winter months. The track, which was produced by Ed Ackerson at Flowers Studio, can be downloaded for free at the group’s Bandcamp page, with a full-length due from them sometime this summer, which I’m quite looking forward to.” -Erik Thompson, City Pages

“…the babyfaced pop/punkers fill out their what-we-did-for-summer-vacation folder this week by dropping a six-song debut EP, “First Communion,” recorded by Ed Ackerson with echoes of Ted Leo…” -Chris Riemenschneider, Star Tribune

“This new song from Stereo Confession sounds like it would fit nicely on a mixtape alongside the Rough Trade phenoms and Forged Artifacts bands like France Camp, Nice Purse, and Prissy Clerks. The kids are alright…” -Andrea Swensson, 89.3 the Current

Mountain Opera

We come from the woods far in the depth of a mountain where an opera gave us the treasure of wild pop.


A psychedelic rock outfit formed out of the Twin Cities, PTSTD is a band composed of musicians that met at their respective performing arts high school. Celebrating the creativity inherent in eccentricity, PTSTD utilizes their youth and unconventional schooling to create equally youthful and peculiar music. As a band, we aspire to one day rejuvenate the interest of psychedelic rock that dominated the late 1960’s and hopefully revive the psychedelic consciousness.

Wild In

wild in is hEre to fulfiLl all oF your sarcaSm drencheD, tOoth shatteringlY sweet, wRithing electro pop needs ;0

Chris Giuliano

A boy who lives in the city and makes tunes.