Crooke, Headband Jam, Basement Brew, The Person & The People

Friday, November 4

7:30PM Doors ✖ hall ✖ $7 ADV/$10 DOS ✖ 21+



Founded by Mcnally Smith Alums Evhen Crooke (Vox and guitar) and Brett Garrett (Bass) back in 2012, Crooke went through numerous changes in their early days before they reached their final form with Brandon Nelson (guitar) and Trevor McKenzie on Drums. After a couple years of regular gigging near and far, the band took their hard earned cash and blew it all on their first studio album Dirty Words (released 2015). The album was a synthesis of many musical influences and styles, held together by a steady groove and pop sensibility. Since then, the band has tightened their sound and brought forth previously hinted at rock and funk inflections to the bands psychedelic blues palate. The band is currently looking forward to a bright and busy 2017 and anticipates releasing a follow-up EP.

Headband Jam

Since forming in Uptown Minneapolis four years ago, Headband Jam has been establishing themselves as a big part of the music scene in the twin cities and beyond. The group has made a name for themselves by having a close connection with their fans, putting on powerhouse shows, and dueling guitar sections that are undeniably face melting. HBJ’s style can be described as fresh and ever changing, capturing the diverse interests of the band members while bringing a tight perfected sound for every music head to get down to. A potent blend of prog, rock, funk, dance, and reggae keeps fans on their toes with anticipation for the next drop into something new.

Basement Brew

The Person and the People

For nearly a decade The Person and The People have been a fixture in the Twin Cities’ “indie” scene and their experience is evident not only in their enchanting, nuanced live performances but also in their seemingly endless arsenal of catchy rock songs. Based on their past releases and their ability to navigate seamlessly from crunchy, beer-drinking guitar riffs to wistful ballads to angsty break-up songs, one can truly expect anything from their upcoming release Dark and Low.

It promises to be collection of infectious melodies, dreamy hooks, punch-drunk guitar riffs, and sharp, relatable lyrics that poke fun at themes like society, love, and self-doubt. This creates delicate balance between everyday realism and confident farce. There are moments when we feel caught between the pull of the past and the promise of the future. Dark and Low stands on this precipice, draws a deep breath, and takes the next step. For The Person & The People, it’s fine.