#CauseTheWave #HealEB St. Paul Fundraiser

Saturday, February 14

1PM ✖ Hall ✖ Free ✖ AA

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Wishlist Foundation is sponsoring a global fundraiser event to raise awareness about EB, (Epidermolysis Bullosa), a devastating group of life-threatening skin conditions that affects children from birth and currently without a cure, and funding for EB Research Partnership.

We are seeking Pearl Jam fans interested in organizing an event in their home town, much like our preparty fundraisers.

As always, the fundraisers will have

– t-shirts, stickers, buttons and more for donation
– raffle items
– auction items
– Pearl Jam menu (where available)
– more things to come…

If you’re interested in hosting a fundraiser, please contact us immediately here or at wishlistfoundation@gmail.com

===== ABOUT EB & EBRP =====

EB—or Epidermolysis Bullosa—is devastating, and currently without a cure. EB is a group of life-threatening skin conditions that affects children from birth.

An individual with EB lacks a critical protein that binds the layers of skin together. Without this protein, the skin tears apart, blisters and sheers off, leading to severe pain, disfigurement, and wounds that never heal. EB affects the body inside and out. Blisters occur all over the body, as well as in the eyes, mouth, esophagus, and other internal organs. EB causes severe pain, disfigurement, and in too many cases, an early death from an aggressive form of skin cancer. It is estimated that EB affects at least one in every 20,000 births. EB is not specific to any ethnicity or gender. Given that EB affects only 30,000 people in the US, advancing this research relies on the generosity of individuals and corporations.

EB Research Partnership (co-founded by Jill & Eddie Vedder, Jamie & Alex Silver and Heather & Ryan Fullmer) is $5M away from advancing a life-changing treatment and potential cure for EB.

A treatment that would let boys like Mikey and Garrett just be able to be kids without pain and physical limits. A cure that would let Jen take her two master degrees and go to work. A cure based on a methodology that could be applicable to heal 5400 other genetic diseases.

EB Research Project (EBRP)
Website: http://ebresearch.org/
Website: http://causethewave.org/