Blasphemers’ Ball: Fistful of Datas, Driftwood Pyre, Via

Saturday, November 7

8PM ✖ Hall ✖ $7 ADV/$10 DOS ✖ 21+

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Blasphemers’ Ball

A heathen’s hedonistic evening of freethinking fun featuring three local blasphemous bands.

An American heavy & dirty, no-pussyfooting rock-n-roll four-piece based out of Minneapolis. Via formed in the Summer of 2013 and they have since brought back the balls of rock with their gritty songs, high energy and in-your-face live performances.

Driftwood Pyre

Driftwood Pyre began in the winter of 2012, when producers Liam Watkins (First Communion Afterparty) and Aaron James (Rockinghorse People) found themselves in the midst of the Midwest’s flourishing psychedelic scene. Rising from the ashes of their former projects, they built a studio in the Northeast neighborhood of Minneapolis and began recording what would become the seeds of the band’s defining sound. By the fall of 2012, they had enlisted Joe Werner (Bridge Club) and Marie DeBris (Magic Castles) to further develop their recordings, and the final lineup was formed when Courtney Olsen (the Karabal Nightlife) found her way to the Twin Cities. In the time since, Driftwood Pyre has continued to evolve and cement its roots into the Minneapolis psychedelic/garage scene.

Fistful of Datas

A Minneapolis quartet who perform a genre-fluid collection of 90s hits, near hits, and total misses with a divergent approach to the originals.