Ashley Groves

Sunday, August 28

9PM ✖ Bar ✖ Free ✖ 21+


Ashley is masterful in her presentation of subtleties and sass, mixing fluidly with guitarist Dayton Brock, and fellow band members. Her jazz-infused take on indie-folk will draw you in with her complex writing style, and smooth vocal stylings will leave your musical mind enchanted and ears wanting more


Graham Bramblett:
When people ask what kind of songs I write- my answer is hopefully good ones. Which is a bit of a joke, but it really reflects the kind of music I want to listen to- good music regardless of the genre. I’ve been called country, folk, alt and Americana and every one of those rings true. Directionally, I was born I Texas and spent a number of years in Nashville before landing in St Paul.


Just Call Me Hugo
Charming and warm are words that come to mind when describing the music of Just Call Me Hugo. Her songs invite the listener to ride along grand melodies that speak to the shared experience of life.  Hailing from the Four Corners area in the Southwestern U.S.- Just Call Me Hugo has built an adoring following around the Twin Cities in the past year as she introduces herself to the world.