Amsterdam presents… The Foxy Grandpas, Fauna Sauna, & The Staboteurs

Sunday, August 13

4:00PM Doors ✖ Hall ✖ $7.00 ADV / $10.00 DOS ✖ 18

Officially formed in February of 2022 once the band found drummer Alex to solidify the lineup. The Foxy Grandpas
is the culmination of 4 kids who grew up and just want to be like their heroes. The Foxy Grandpas have a hard
rock sound that teeters between metal and classic rock. Their shows consist of original music and popular
cover songs that define the genres. Whether its Duncan’s booming voice, Alex’s tight rhythms, Reed’s
showmanship or Nick’s searing leads, you will find yourself grooving and enjoying the supersonic rock show
The Foxy Grandpas has to offer!