Amsterdam Presents… NATL PARK SRVC, Allergen, Shush, and Getting By

Wednesday, April 20

7PM Doors ✖ Hall ✖ $7 ADV/ $10 DOS ✖ 18+

NATL PARK SRVC is an indie rock band, with an orchestral flare, from Minneapolis, Minnesota consisting of Dylan Woytcke (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Jared Leger (lead guitar, backing vocals), Nathan Zilmer (bass guitar), Sam Tudor (violin), Sage Livergood (drums), Wes Muilenburg (saxophone), and Joe Keyport (trombone). They released their debut LP, ‘The Dance” in May 2021.

Emily & Hailey met through She Rock She Rock! They quickly bonded over tacos, Moscow Mules, and geeking over Now, Now, so naturally they decided to form a band! While jamming and talking about life, they realized they’re just trying to get by in life…make a difference, fuck up, and create tasty jams, and through that GETTING BY was born. Soon after recording their debut EP “…And Through It”, they were able to scoop up two of the most talented musicians they know, Aaron Frederick on bass & Natalie Fideler on drums! They’ve been making bangers ever since

ALLERGEN is an indie rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota fronted by Shannon Maroney with Mia Pariseau on bass and Anna Shenehon on drums. They released their first full-band (which was Eve Speers on guitar, James Flanders on bass, and Shenehon on drums) EP “Honesty Hour” in May of 2020, which has been featured on radio stations such as Radio K and KFAI. Allergen mixes crunchy riffs, emotional lyrics, and powerful vocals, and, as described by local music blog Ear Coffee, “feels like a private conversation being broadcast to the world”.

Blaring through  the anxiety of a pandemic present and the specter of a social existence, SHUSH finds themselves in a basement that smells… off. What started as roommates seeking to expel the vacant boredom and emptiness of late stage capitalism has taken on a life of its own. With distorted guitars and vocal harmonies, Shush brings a unique blend of indie rock, grunge, groove, emo and punk-influenced Minnesota sounds to your earplugs. Shush’s debut album “I could Have Imagined Anything” is out now via Kitchen Knife Blood Pact Records