Amsterdam presents…ACID FEST

Saturday, April 30

7PM Doors ✖ Hall ✖ $10 ✖ 18+

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Floodwater Angel is a psychedelic glam band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. With a huge focus on live shows, Floodwater Angel brings their wildest daydreams to life on stage with confetti cannons, glitter, flood-rushing mosh pits, and mind-melting acid rock. With glam influences such as The New York Dolls & Iggy Pop, and psychedelic influences such as Big Brother and the Holding Company & The Grateful Dead, Floodwater Angel is a band of heartbreak, betrayal, and climate meltdown happening right before your eyes. When you get sucked into the flood, what do you pray to see when you look up?

 ACID FEST image

Pöng Flower is a local indie psych rock group from the Twin Cities MN. Drawing from many inspirations, the group offers a mix of high-energy jams both spacey and poppy. The members are Jeff Guenther (he/him), Matt Guenther (he/him), Trey Gullickson (he/him), and Dylan Lundsten (he/they).

Virginia’s Basement is a local band based out of The Rose Club , Saint Paul MN. They are the only POC Emo band in the state and take a lot of influence from the hardcore and Midwest emo scene.
They offer pure energy and heart into their music.
The band consists of Ramón Varela (he/him), Kyle Zendejas (he/him), and Santi Vigil (he/they).