Midway Contemporary Art Visual Arts Fun

Wednesday, September 7

6PM ✖ Hall ✖ Free

Visual Arts Fund_midwayart.org

The Visual Arts Fund is a new grant program established by Midway Contemporary Art with generous support from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. Minneapolis-St.Paul will be the eleventh metro area included in Warhol’s Regional Regranting program, which is aimed at promoting vibrant artistic activity in cities across the United States.

The Visual Arts Fund will award five $5,000 and three $10,000 grants to artists in the Twin Cities metro region. The VAF supports the development of new, experimental projects and initiatives that engage the public with visual art. Proposals must name a lead organizer, but can include any number of artists as collaborators; individuals or groups may apply. The VAF program seeks to support a wide array of innovative and diverse projects that otherwise might not occur.

Visit http://midwayart.org/vaf for guidelines and eligibility.