The Room

Uniquely configured, Amsterdam has moving wall dividers that allow it to grow from an intimate 125-person space, to a 600-person hall with unobstructed sight lines — or anything in between. At 38.5′ wide x 110′ deep, our hall has 4235 sq. ft. room of customer space. No matter the performance on stage, our room was designed to handle it. Whether it’s our 18’ acoustically treated ceilings or our wall of windows along Wabasha, everything has been thoroughly treated for optimum audience experience with decorative carpets, acoustic panels and heavy velvet drapes.

The Stage

In addition to our incredibly versatile room, we have a beautiful spacious stage perfect for any type of performance you can dream up. All 400 square feet of our hall stage is floored with high density plywood and a floating wood surface that isolates any vibration from the 8-18″ EV subs beneath it. At two feet high, performers don’t tower over their audience, leaving 14′ of ceiling of clearance and an unobstructed view of the entire hall. No rattle, no hum, and clear sight lines for everyone. Stage back and ceiling are also acoustical treated to insure that it will sound great.

Sound Equipment

Stage Sound

Mains: 2 x EV QRx 153/75
Center Fill: 1 x QRx 115/75
Subwoofers: 4 x QRx 218S
Amp/Drive Rack: EV CP4000 and CP3000 amplifiers, EV Dx46 DSP


4 x EV TX1152FM, passively crossed over. Bi-amped drum fill with TX1181 and TX1122. 5 mixes from front of house.


Midas M32
3 x DBX 266 Dual Compresor/Limiter/Gate
3 x DBX 1231 Dual Graph EQ
1 x Klark-Teknik graph eq for mains
1 x TcElectronic M-One
1 x TcElectronic D2
8 ch drive snake to stage (Left/Right, 5 monitor mixes and DMX).


8 x EV PL80a
4 x EV N/D478
5 x EV N/D468 w. 3 tom clips 3 x EV RE200
1 x EV RE320
2 x EV N/D868
2 x EV Raven
3 x EV PL37
1 x EV PL33
2 x EV PL35
3 x Shure SM58
3 x Shure Beta58
1 x Shure Beta 57


2x Whirlwind Hotbox
2x Radial ProDi
2x Radial ProD2
1x Whirlwind IMP
2x various passive