POSTPONED: Dirty Laundry Records Showcase with New Confusion, Courtesy, Aperture, and Haze Gazer

Friday, January 14

This show has been postponed.

Aptly named, Aperture is one of the most musically and emotionally vulnerable bands in the Minnesota grunge scene. Each song falls on a gradient of vulnerability and ferocity, playing with light and dark through every detail. Built from textured, honest vocals layered with atmospheric choruses, passionately raw screams, and lyrics ranging from discontented longing to blinding anger, the waves of lulling and forceful drum parts, rolling bass licks, and alternatively rhythmic, driving and melodically fluid guitars only add to how expressive the musicallity and tone of this band is. Aperture is reminiscent of each stage of a storm––from dark, thunderous onset to the soft, dreamy haze after where time stands still.

Self-defined as an alt-sad rock band, Courtesy is that first scratchy breath after being submerged too long: the one that burns your throat but makes you smile nonetheless because any weight is worth feeling godlike in this moment. These four musicians from Milwaukee would be better classified as visionaries, creating holistic dreams of albums that will have you listening cover to cover and starting over again. With flint-heavy vocals and pointed lyrics, drums that force you to move, mourning keys, and suspenseful guitars full of grit, Courtesy is the band to listen to when the only thing left to live for is spite, masochistic joy at your own pain, and music…music that will let flames lick around your heart until it starts really beating again until you can feel in your core every previously thoughtless effort at being alive.

Formerly known as The Gesture, New Confusion is not only the rebirth of a beloved band from the twin cities but the rebirth of a lost time and feeling in the music scene. ​Full of dark, droning riffs, smoky vocals, and deep seas of reverb, New Confusion is absolutely haunting. With hard drums and a perfectly preserved post-punk aesthetic, their sound is exactly what you need to be simultaneously set on edge and sent into a foggy euphoria. This band is the closest you’ll get to taking drag after drag from an unfiltered cigarette, sprawled on the floor of the bathroom at an underground show in 1980’s New York.

A three-piece band from Minneapolis, Haze Gazer is the beginning of a gloom rock movement in the Midwest, bringing you classic tones coupled with weighty defiance of post-modernity. With alternatively heavy, and delicately mechanic riffs, plus ominous bass parts, Haze Gazer’s sound is both inspiring and dystopic. Mix in distorted, anthemic vocals and drums that create an industrial groove, only then, you have that timeless band that feels like spit and revolution. Haze Gazer is the musical equivalent of road trips without destinations, overcast skies, shattered glass, and a taste of freedom so harsh it’s hard to wrap your head around.


***Proof of Vaccination / Negative Test Required***